Out Of Gauge special shipment successfully completed by WEL

WEL, your PANGEA Partner from Malta, coordinated the shipping of a boat from the French Port of Le Havre to Malta.

Due to boat’s width exceeding 2.4m, the boat had to be securely lashed on a Flat Rack and transported by sea from Port of Le Havre to Malta Freeport. Upon arrival in Malta, the Flat Rack was released from Port and escorted to a Boat Yard where the boat was professionally commissioned and lowered at sea.

This operation was coordinated by WEL Logistics team member Mr. Carlo Zammit, the whole operation was executed in 8 days and everything ran smooth.

“WEL wishes the proud owner, happy sailing, I am sure he shall enjoy the beautiful waters surrounding the Maltese islands”, remarks Mr. Edward Micallef, General Manager at WEL.